Episode 191: It’s a Never Daunted Christmas, or, “Identity, Drugs & Die Hard”


Photo: 20 Century Fox


It’s never ho-ho-hum at the Never Daunted Radio Network as we return from yet another hiatus to present the first of two shows to close out the year in spectacular fashion.

First, Shimbo speaks with Hayden Black and Julie Rei Goldstein, creator and star of the first animated project to feature a lead character who just so happens to be transgender. We talk about how Gen Zed came to be, and why it is some people simply want to tear it down out of hate.

Next, shiny new Executive Editor and Chief Political Managing Editor Chloe Sommers makes her debut on the Network with her report on some of the sticky situations and growing pains that go along with legalizing the use of marijuana in Washington, DC. Chloe speaks with those who are trying to ensure that efforts to curtail the recent legalization don’t keep those in the district from freely lighting up.

Finally, in the first of a two-part discussion with Jeremy Smith, film critic and author of the upcoming book George Clooney: Anatomy of an Actor about whether or not the 1988 action classic Die Hard qualifies as the greatest Christmas movie ever made. We also discuss the recent release of the long-awated Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and Jeremy gives a spoiler-free take on the movie.

So sit back, roast some chestnuts over an open fire and dig in to this holiday edition of the Never Daunted Radio Network!


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