Episode 190: Harpooning the Fat Jew, or, “Primed for Publishing”


the fat jewish

On a participation award edition of the Never Daunted Radio Network, Shimbo looks at the New York Times article on the Mosquito Coast known as Amazon Headquarters, and wonders whether or not running a white collar sweatshop is a bad idea.

Shimbo also discusses James Harrison’s feelings towards participation trophies and why Harrison just might be doing the right thing by his kids in making them refuse to accept the basic award.

Next, Shimbo is joined by Maura Quint, who discusses her campaign to expose Social Media Celebrity The Fat Jew and his penchant for stealing jokes. Maura talks about the reception she’s received since taking up the fight and what, if anything, does the Fat Jew deserves to have happen to him next.

Finally, Shimbo interviews self-publishing author John J. Kaminski, who discusses his latest book, Primed for Stardom. They also the state of the self-publishing business, and whether or not the future lies in doing it yourself.

All that and more on this edition of the Never Daunted Radio Network!

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