Episode 174: Swallowin’ With Sara Jay

This woman wants to give you a free blowjob. Who are you to say no?

This woman wants to give you a free blowjob. Who are you to say no?

On the first BlogTalkRadio-free edition of the Never Daunted Network, we usher in a new season of shows with a bang, pun intended.

After 14 years and hundreds of videos, photoshoots and whatever else you can think of, adult entertainment icon Sara Jay can’t be stopped, as she is more popular than ever.

While the buxom pornstar builds her empire, she’s taking time to join the show and talk about her career, including her upcoming Team BJ effort, where she and another adult actress will give free blowjobs to whoever claims them provided that the right team wins.

She’ll also talk about other projects, where she sees herself in the industry and what the future might bring for one of the most successful stars in the biz.

It’s an all-new era at the Never Daunted Radio Network, so sit back and enjoy the ride.

For more on Sara Jay herself, check her around the Web:

Sara Jay’s Website (NSFW)

Sara Jay on Twitter

Sara Jay’s YouTube channel

Sara’s YouTube channel is relatively safe for work, and contains some pretty funny content. Case in point, did you know it’s practically impossible for someone to swallow a spoonful of cinnamon? Even someone used to things going down her throat? The results are hilarious:

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