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What’s Really Going On with Russia and Donald Trump?

  What does Donald Trump’s business with Russia have to do with America and why doesn’t he want anyone to talk about it? Here’s a theory. For most us, it was welcome relief last week that Donald Trump’s violation of the emoluments clause finally has a set court date for October 18. The emoluments clause in the United States Constitution… Read more →

Episode 181: Can Golden Showers Save the Earth? or, “Psycho Nurse”


On this edition of the Never Daunted Radio Network, your humble host catches up with a simple story of loss, and how some rivers are simply too deep. Next, students in the UK have come up with a great way to help the environment by asking everyone to conserve water by pissing while taking a shower. We’ll see what can… Read more →


Her Name Was Princess: Woman Strands Kids in Car to Give Boyfriend a Blow Job

People never cease to amaze me. Now, I’m not one to automatically label people as evil, largely because more often than not, the worst actions come from simple selfishness. Everything seems like a good idea when you want to do it. That said, just because you think an idea is good within the moment, that in no way means it’s… Read more →


Puke & Rally Denied: Woman Killed While Vomiting From a Moving Minivan

They say there are a million ways to die. In the case of 24-year-old Amanda Ezra, if she had the choice, she likely would’ve chosen a different way to die. The latest Darwin Award winner and mother of three was killed early Sunday morning after she was hit in the head by an unknown object…while puking out of the passenger… Read more →

Kentucky Fried Irony: State Education Authority Can’t Spell “Kentucky”

Somethings are simply too easy. As the University of Kentucky signs men’s basketball coach John Calipari to a new seven-year deal worth $52.5 million guaranteed, effectively making him the highest-paid educator in the state, the Kentucky Higher Education Assistance Authority (KHEAA) an organization who’s mission it is to improve the state’s students’ access to higher education, seemed to drop the… Read more →

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