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What’s Really Going On with Russia and Donald Trump?

  What does Donald Trump’s business with Russia have to do with America and why doesn’t he want anyone to talk about it? Here’s a theory. For most us, it was welcome relief last week that Donald Trump’s violation of the emoluments clause finally has a set court date for October 18. The emoluments clause in the United States Constitution… Read more →

Bowing out: Fiorina and Christie Call it Quits for 2016

Following poor performances in the Iowa caucuses and the New Hampshire primary, Republican presidential hopefuls Gov. Chris Christie and Carly Fiorina have decided to call it quits. Officially suspended, it’s typical for presidential drop-outs to first announce they are suspending their campaign – this gives them time to tie loose ends on the business and management side of things.  It’s… Read more →

Nationalism Prevails in Granite State GOP Primary

The results are in and first-in-the-nation-primary went to business mogul Donald Trump. It’s a sign of the Republican times – conservatives in New Hampshire don’t think America is great and are looking for this Chief Executive Officer to be their next Commander-in-Chief. The public opinion polls proved to be true – Donald Trump won the Granite State’s primary on Tuesday… Read more →

Cruz Cruises Past Trump to Win the Iowa GOP Caucus

 It was neck-and-neck all night between Ted Cruz and Donald Trump but in the end, Cruz won the Iowa Republican caucus.   The Iowa caucuses started at 7 PM EST and as of 9 PM with 15 percent of the votes in, it was just too close to call. However, Cruz was consistently at the top of the heap all evening… Read more →

Trump, Cruz Go At It During The First GOP Debate Of 2016

It’s the primetime Republican presidential debate in Charleston, South Carolina and the eight presidential hopefuls started the two-hour debate slamming the Democrats. Republican New Jersey Governor Chris Christie poked fun at President Obama’s final State of the Union address this week. Christie: "Tuesday night I watched story time with president Obama" #SOTU #GOPDebate — Chloe Palma Sommers (@ChloePalma) January 15,… Read more →

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