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What’s Really Going On with Russia and Donald Trump?

  What does Donald Trump’s business with Russia have to do with America and why doesn’t he want anyone to talk about it? Here’s a theory. For most us, it was welcome relief last week that Donald Trump’s violation of the emoluments clause finally has a set court date for October 18. The emoluments clause in the United States Constitution… Read more →


Black Lives DO NOT Matter

In the wake of yet another police shooting that takes the life of a seemingly innocent black man, it’s hard not to believe that black lives do not matter much after all. I’m tired. We’re all tired. We live in a world that is full of excuses and never enough answers and as the sun breaks over the horizon, we’re… Read more →


Fear and Loathing on Another Super Tuesday

In the wake of another Super Tuesday where Donald Trump rampaged and Marco Rubio consigned himself to a watery grave, we share a few choice observations Somewhere, Marco Rubio is staring in a mirror after another Super Tuesday defeat. For the first time in months, he recognizes who he sees in the reflection, but it’ll take awhile to be OK… Read more →


Donald Trump is a Coward

By pulling out of this Thursday’s GOP debate, Donald Trump shows a level of pettiness that only reminds voters his campaign is a joke The New York Times confirmed Tuesday evening that GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump would sit out Thursday’s debate in Iowa, just days before the Iowa caucuses kick off primary voting. Does it really matter if Trump… Read more →

GOP Turns Bergdahl Into a Benghazi

Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl, a POW for five years at the hands of the Taliban, may now face lifetime imprisonment in America for desertion and misbehavior in 2009. The punishment is a complete shift from the two previous military officials’ opinions in September that more prison time for Bergdahl would be “inappropriate”. Monday’s decision to reject the ‘slap on the wrist’ penalty comes from… Read more →

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