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Mainstream Media Covers the 51-Foot Joint but Misses the Point

Pro-pot advocates converged in front of the White House this weekend calling for the complete descheduling of cannabis and with only two citations handed out by police the rally did exactly what the group was hoping for – grabbed national media attention. TIME, The Washington Post, NBC News, CNN and the Associated Press all wrote stories about the larger-than-life fake… Read more →


Chloe Sommers Takes Over NDRN as Sole Owner

Effective immediately, executive editor Chloe Sommers takes over full control of the Never Daunted Radio Network. Founder Hashim “Shimbo” Hathaway to retire. Well I suppose it had to happen at some point. After much thought, fasting and prayer, I have decided to turn over the keys to Executive Editor and founder of NDRN Green to Chloe Sommers. Under her direction,… Read more →


Pro-Pot Group to Smokeout Obama for Change

A local pro-pot group calls for President Obama to completely deschedule the plant with an act of “civil disobedience” by consuming marijuana outside of the White House. Problem is, the grounds in and around the White House are federal property and therefore completely off limits to marijuana. But it’s a risk this pro-pot group is willing to take in order to draw… Read more →


Why I ‘Just Say No’ to Pot Businesses Operating in the Gray Area

There’s a frustrating trend in the emerging cannabis industry on the East coast, specifically the D.C. and Maryland area that keeps us from writing about more local pot businesses —They conduct business within the ‘gray area’ of the law.  It shouldn’t surprise anyone to hear that a journalist is skeptical of pot businesses. However, a colleague told me recently that I’ve been using the… Read more →

Celeb’s Pot-Wine Has Patients Drinking for a Cause

Drinking for a cause – Grammy award winning singer-songwriter and breast cancer survivor Melissa Etheridge does it with her cannabis infused wine. An outspoken medical marijuana advocate and supporter of women in the cannabis industry, Etheridge launched her own cannabusiness of pot-infused wines. “We’re changing the paradigm. Cannabis is the thing that’s going to push the whole conversation about health,”… Read more →

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