Author: Morgan Hunt


‘The Life of Pablo’: Kanye West’s Arrogant and Contemplative Masterpiece

The Life Of Pablo marks the beginning of a new era for Kanye West, one we can all be excited for, as he explores spirituality, fatherhood and true love. Much has changed in the life of Kanye West since the release of the bachelor party album that was “Yeezus”. Since becoming a husband, a father of two and one of… Read more →


In Defense of Kanye West’s “Famous”

With all the controversy surrounding the release of Kanye West’s “Famous”, the perceived attack on Taylor Swift may be a bit overblown Last Thursday, Kanye West premiered his new album The Life of Pablo to a sold out crowd at Madison Square Garden, as well as thousands watching live streams in theaters around the world and millions watching online live streams through… Read more →

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