Why We Absolutely Need the Dickoupage Project

When Sabrina Cognata created the Dickoupage Project, she wanted to shine a light on the evil that men do. A year later, she’s proven why it still matters. If there is such a thing as an Alpha male, Sabrina Cognata truly represents the Alpha female. As an alpha, she effortlessly presents herself as strong, and dare I say, majestic. She intimidates those… Read more →


When is Terrorism Not Actually Terrorism? Let’s Talk About Nice

As we learn more about the Bastille Day attack in Nice, the idea that this was some sort of terror attack is morphing into something different, and raises disturbing questions about how we perceive crime. They said he was a strange, weird loner. As France reels from what seemed like yet another in a horrific terror attack, this time in… Read more →


Black Lives DO NOT Matter

In the wake of yet another police shooting that takes the life of a seemingly innocent black man, it’s hard not to believe that black lives do not matter much after all. I’m tired. We’re all tired. We live in a world that is full of excuses and never enough answers and as the sun breaks over the horizon, we’re… Read more →

A zoomed in look of accounts in the Washington, D.C. metro area on the LeafedIn app. Image Courtesy of LeafedIn.

LeafedIn Cannabis App is Quickly Becoming an Essential Tool for Buyers, Trimmers, Employers

As cannabis reform takes hold across the nation, the East Coast is brimming with opportunities for small businesses, but without legal framework for recreational sales, cities like Washington, D.C. — who already have medical marijuana, are stuck in a cannabis limbo where gifting and trading is legal, but selling recreationally is not. This strange regulatory system in the District has… Read more →


Matthew McConaughey interested in more ‘True Detective’

Call it a hail mary, but Matthew McConaughey says he ‘misses Rust Cohle’ and would be open to another run on HBO’s True Detective. Sometimes these are the worst stories to report on, because often, while actors are making the rounds promoting whatever film they’re appearing in, they’re cornered into answering questions about past projects. Case in point, Matthew McConaughey… Read more →

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