About the Never Daunted Radio Network

The Never Daunted Radio Network originally came to life as a nightly live podcast in 2013 as a way to talk about Indiana University sports, particularly basketball, while at the same time feeding the massive ego of your humble host, Hashim R. Hathaway, better known as ‘Shimbo’.

Since then, the show evolved to include NeverDaunted.net, the very website you’re reading now, widening its focus to the offbeat to the culturally relevant both in print and via the podcast, which still lives on, but in a different and better (we hope) format.

Today, the Never Daunted Radio Network is growing in both size and scope as we attempt to cover a variety of topics across a broad spectrum of subjects. Our goal is to entertain and inform in ways you just won’t get anywhere else (for free, even…you’re welcome).

We certainly hope you visit us often and if you know what’s good for you, you’ll share us with everyone you know.