What’s Really Going On with Russia and Donald Trump?



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What does Donald Trump’s business with Russia have to do with America and why doesn’t he want anyone to talk about it? Here’s a theory.

For most us, it was welcome relief last week that Donald Trump’s violation of the emoluments clause finally has a set court date for October 18. The emoluments clause in the United States Constitution — or the Title of Nobility Clause (Article 1, Section 9, Clause 8) —  states that no member of the federal government can receive gifts, income, Sainthood, honorary degrees, or other official titles from any foreign state without the direct consent of the United States Congress.

The clause was included to prevent people in power from corrupting foreign policy negotiations and conversations. Our Founding Fathers were so worried about outside influence that the clause was added in the very first article.

There is something fishy happening with Donald Trump and Russia. What do these connections really mean? Someone consuming hours of political media — my favorite hobby — could say Trump’s empire has become a comprehensive money launderer for Russian affiliates, or that the Russian government is a primary fund that enables Trump’s business dealings to flourish. Simply put, greed, and exactly what the emoluments clause prevents in the White House.

As the leader of the free world, why give up millions of dollars of profit if you have the political power to destroy anyone who might release your dirty secret?

A few points led me here, but of course I encourage everyone to do their own reading. Why else would Trump (whom I will never call President Trump) refuse to release his tax documents, fire his lead FBI Director James Comey, and spout vitriol about his most fervent supporter since he announced a run for President?

Or, what about his leaked memo firing Michael Flynn shortly after Flynn’s resignation which quickly followed the very public firing of Sally Yates? Yates was fired after refusing to execute the “Muslim travel ban,” but I’m more inclined to think it was because she spoke up at all after Flynn was removed.

One can only assume that if Flynn found out about Russia’s true power over Trump’s business, it makes sense that anyone who found out about something they shouldn’t would be immediately eliminated. (Historical examples of eliminated rebels and whistleblowers included here, here, and you know, all of America’s existence.)

Dissenters have fled home countries since the beginning of civilization. Leaders, who were typically white older men, frequently used scare tactics and boisterousness to sway public opinion. And don’t even get me started on the similarities in Hitler’s rise to power.

I don’t believe Trump ever wanted to win the election and therefore never planned to restructure any of his business plan. As he said himself, “Of course I use tax loopholes to avoid paying my fair share! DUH!” A Presidential run gave him a political shield, and allowed Trump increased access to high profile foreigners.

Any suspicion from a Clinton administration would immediately dismissed as revenge, and prevented any investigation into questionable activities with foreign powers. Donald Trump’s public shaming of Michael Flynn, Sally Yates, James Comey — and his first supporter Jeff Sessions — all point to a secret he doesn’t want released.

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As the leader of the free world, why give up millions of dollars of profit if you have the political power to destroy anyone who might release your dirty secret?

It is the greatest scheme to cover up covert business dealings, and the only problem is that he won the election. Much to his own dismay, nothing he does is a secret and every choice must be immediately denied or covered up. With more than 100 positions still open at the White House, it shows a careless lack of planning that wasn’t meant to be planned in the first place.

So what does this all mean? To summarize, we have a President who never wanted to be President in the first place and who used the Presidency nomination process to distract Wall Street and the American government to get more profits and connections.

Unfortunately, now Americans are strapped with a typical, white American male who doesn’t completely understand the complexities of modern state. While it’s a tragedy, it’s more fuel to our fire to communicate to Senators, Republicans, and leaders that we don’t approve and have better ideas about the Presidency.

Brittani Martel is co-host and editor of the Never Daunted Radio Network. You can reach her on Twitter @Brittzyann

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