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The Undercards Come Out Swinging in First 2016 Debate

And they’re off! The first 2016 presidential debate of 2016 was held in Charleston, South Carolina on Thursday evening and presidential hopeful and former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina came out swinging with this burn against Democratic presidential candidate and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton: .@CarlyFiorina: “Unlike another woman in this race, I actually love spending time with my husband.” #GOPDebate https://t.co/pzy5fSIf5t… Read more →

Is ‘Fling’ the Thing? Ed Button Reviews the New Social Media Messaging App

by Ed Button There’s a new social media messaging app called Fling, which has been out since June. It’s been advertised on Twitter and while there hasn’t been much more in the way of publicity, it seems to be pretty popular: a month into its release, it reportedly had 375,000 downloads and 150 million “flings” sent out. The idea behind Fling is that it’s extremely… Read more →

Two Tears in the Bucket: Alaskan TV Reporter is Your New Hero

by Shimbo “Well-behaved women seldom make history.” When Laurel Thatcher Ulrich coined the phrase that launched thousands of feminist ships, it’s doubtful she ever thought just how far that would go. Case in point, now ex-KTVA reporter Charlo Greene, who decided to quit during last night’s 10pm broadcast in what could be best described as one of the more interesting… Read more →

The Infantilization of Janay Rice

by Shimbo Yesterday, as the Outrage Addicts of America wanted to shield Janay Rice from the pain of the seeing the video showing former Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice knocking her out, resulting in the termination of her husband’s contract and subsequent indefinite suspension from the NFL, no one stopped to ask what Janay’s feelings on the subject happened… Read more →

Here’s to Healthy Humping: Meet the World’s First Sexual Fitness Tracker

by Shimbo These days, it seems like we have to track everything. Whether it’s Nike Fuel, Jawbones, FitBits or whatever other type of piece of plastic whose primary objective is to show you how much you suck at exercise. Now the fitness craze has gone in a whole new (and slightly warped) direction with the introduction of the SexFit. “What… Read more →

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