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NDRN’s Chloe Sommers Takes On Sexist Workplaces…and an Emcee

While speaking at Millennium Grow’s networking VIP Cannabis event in Denver, our Chloe Sommers offered observations on the tech industry and parallels in cannabis industry, when she was verbally attacked by the event’s emcee. We at the Never Daunted Radio Network don’t condone abuse or hate speech of any kind but feel it necessary to call out those who continue… Read more →

Is GamerGate the Devil We Know, or the One We Assume?

by Ed Button One of the bigger topics online recently, at least in the world of Twitter, is #GamerGate. Regardless of familiarity with video games, there are valid points being brought up concerning ethics and the future of journalism, specifically video game journalism. Some say that those using the #GamerGate hashtag are sexist pigs looking to purge the gaming industry of women,… Read more →

Just Another Day In Paradise: Internet Abuse is a Black Eye For All

by Ed Button Sadly, no one has ever accused gamers of being mature humans who take the feelings of others into consideration. The gaming community on Twitter was out for blood on Tuesday after columnist and scholar Samantha Allen came under attack when she criticized gaming news/review/podcast site Giant Bomb for hiring “Game Informer” magazine alumni Dan Ryckert as the… Read more →

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