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Episode 194: Fanboy Tears are the Best Tears, or, “Ass Stamp”


It’s Sex, Tasers and Fanboy Tears on a Sharpie edition of the Never Daunted Radio Network! First up, in the first of a two-part interview, Moviepilot Editor-at-Large Alisha Grauso joins us to chew the fat over some of the controversy surrounding the recent release of Batman v Superman and the backlash of fanboys who’re upset that critics didn’t like their… Read more →

Episode 187: Decorating With Dicks, or, “What’s In Your Porn Wallet?”


On this edition of the Never Daunted Radio Network, while women everywhere are tired of being bombarded with dick pics, one woman is turning the tables for a new art project. We talk to Sabrina Cognata about dick pic etiquette and her Dickoupage project as she welcomes in dick pics from all who wish to donate their proud penises in… Read more →

“I Once Screwed a Fish This Big”: Florida Man Claims He Was ‘Seduced’ by a Dolphin

by Shimbo It’s hard to say that something like this could take place anywhere other than the Sunshine State. Malcolm Brenner, a 63-year old photographer makes the claim that he had a year-long sexual affair in 1971 with a dolphin named “Dolly” in a new 15-minute documentary called Dolphin Lover. In the documentary, Brenner gives a blow-by-blow (pun intended) account… Read more →

Bill Cosby Raped Me…Kind Of: Bridget Phetasy Shares a Story of Date Rape

by Bridget Phetasy (First appeared at Medium.com) I hate the term “rape culture.” It’s oxymoronic. There is nothing cultured about rape. It’s brutal and primitive and ignorant. It seems like the term “rape” is thrown around so loosely these days, I can’t help but bristle every time I see it in the media. If cat-calling is “rape” and looking at… Read more →

Episode 179: A Tetris for the Rest of Us, or, “The Power of Christ Compels You…To Ruin Your Daughter’s Life!”


On this edition of the Never Daunted Radio Network, Shimbo kicks off another Breast Cancer Awareness Month, declaring his love for boobies and the need to do his part to protect them. Next, did you know that they were making a movie based on the ’80 video game classic Tetris? Shimbo shares all the details and tries to make them… Read more →

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