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What’s Really Going On with Russia and Donald Trump?

  What does Donald Trump’s business with Russia have to do with America and why doesn’t he want anyone to talk about it? Here’s a theory. For most us, it was welcome relief last week that Donald Trump’s violation of the emoluments clause finally has a set court date for October 18. The emoluments clause in the United States Constitution… Read more →

Chloe Canna News Roundup: Lobby Days Edition and Exclusive Video

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: NORML Executive Director speaks with me right after the first congressman in 30 years admits to using cannabis, medically. Executive Director of @NORML on @DanaRohrabacher saying he uses a #cannabis infused product, medically pic.twitter.com/dJKYQDO3oY — Chloe Sommers (@ChloeCannaNews) May 27, 2016 The month of May saw advocates and industry leaders in the cannabis space fly into Washington, D.C.… Read more →

Chloe’s Cannabis News Roundup

It’s been a very busy April as I traveled to Denver to cover World Cannabis Week and some of the emerging issues in the cannabis industry that I’ve noticed are the war on opiates ever since the Obama administration came out with new opiate prescription guidelines,  as well as pesticide regulations hurting cultivators and manufacturer’s bottom line. In these stories, you’ll… Read more →


Pro-Pot Group to Smokeout Obama for Change

A local pro-pot group calls for President Obama to completely deschedule the plant with an act of “civil disobedience” by consuming marijuana outside of the White House. Problem is, the grounds in and around the White House are federal property and therefore completely off limits to marijuana. But it’s a risk this pro-pot group is willing to take in order to draw… Read more →

DC’s Cannabis Community is Open for Business

History was made by pro-pot advocates in D.C. this weekend and most people don’t even know it. On Saturday, The Capitol CannaShow brought the D.C. community together for a cannabis conference and expo for the people, by the people. It was the first time local businesses and speakers took the limelight for a day of education, activism, and business in the nation’s capital. It… Read more →

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