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LeafedIn Cannabis App is Quickly Becoming an Essential Tool for Buyers, Trimmers, Employers

As cannabis reform takes hold across the nation, the East Coast is brimming with opportunities for small businesses, but without legal framework for recreational sales, cities like Washington, D.C. — who already have medical marijuana, are stuck in a cannabis limbo where gifting and trading is legal, but selling recreationally is not. This strange regulatory system in the District has… Read more →

Chloe’s Cannabis News Roundup

It’s been a very busy April as I traveled to Denver to cover World Cannabis Week and some of the emerging issues in the cannabis industry that I’ve noticed are the war on opiates ever since the Obama administration came out with new opiate prescription guidelines,  as well as pesticide regulations hurting cultivators and manufacturer’s bottom line. In these stories, you’ll… Read more →

Who Are The 48 Accounts Trump Follows on Twitter?

With more than SIX MILLION followers and a win at the New Hampshire GOP presidential primary, Donald Trump is a force to be reckoned with – but who does the media and business mogul follow? Only 48 Twitter accounts. Let me walk you through them. The bulk of the accounts he follows fall within the following categories: Family, FOX, campaign,… Read more →

CNN Layoffs for International Newsgathering

CNN’s SVP of International Newsgathering, Deborah Rayner, announced layoffs for the International desk at CNN. This week the bad news was announced but a decision this big is not solely up to Rayner, it’s likely just another ‘restructuring’ under the reign of Jeff Zucker, President of CNN Worldwide since January 1st, 2013. According to sources, the ‘restructuring’ at the Cable News… Read more →

Trump, Cruz Go At It During The First GOP Debate Of 2016

It’s the primetime Republican presidential debate in Charleston, South Carolina and the eight presidential hopefuls started the two-hour debate slamming the Democrats. Republican New Jersey Governor Chris Christie poked fun at President Obama’s final State of the Union address this week. Christie: "Tuesday night I watched story time with president Obama" #SOTU #GOPDebate — Chloe Palma Sommers (@ChloePalma) January 15,… Read more →

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