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NDRN’s Chloe Sommers Takes On Sexist Workplaces…and an Emcee

While speaking at Millennium Grow’s networking VIP Cannabis event in Denver, our Chloe Sommers offered observations on the tech industry and parallels in cannabis industry, when she was verbally attacked by the event’s emcee. We at the Never Daunted Radio Network don’t condone abuse or hate speech of any kind but feel it necessary to call out those who continue… Read more →

Racism in a ‘Post-Racial’ Society: How Everyone’s Losing To the Elephant in the Room

by Shimbo A joke I often told on the early episodes of the Never Daunted Radio Network came from a night of generally unfunny amateur comedy at the D.C. Improv. During one set, a kid who split his time writing for the Washington Post made a joke about living in what, at the time, was considered by some to be… Read more →

A Picture of True Misogyny: Pakistani Woman is Stoned to Death Simply for Marrying the Man she Loved

The world we live in is both dark and brutish. As people, we make the world that much worse by defining ourselves through the way which we treat others, most of which is ruled by ignorant adherence to myth, legend and backward customs. And for what? To stake a claim of divine superiority over other people, cultures…and even one’s one family?… Read more →

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