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A Double Standard for Double D’s? Sara Willis Examines Kim Kardashian’s Latest Nude Shoot

by Sara Willis I don’t know if you’ve noticed but Kim Kardashian exists. And she has a large bum. And a fair sized pair of breasts. And she likes to remind everyone of these little facts on a regular basis. This week she did a nude photoshoot for Paper Magazine, which I’d never heard of until I saw the photos.… Read more →

Positive Body Images Aren’t Just “All About That Bass”

by Morgan Hunt “You know I’m all about that bass, about that bass. No treble.” If you’ve heard Meghan Trainor’s summer anthem then there’s a chance the catchy tune stuck in your head just by reading that one sentence. While on the surface the song just seems to be about loving deep bass and not liking flat notes, when you… Read more →

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