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Celebrating ‘Predator’ at 30: A Night to Remember and Forget

30 years ago today, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s classic action opus, Predator, premiered. Shimbo shares a tale about that fateful day I was nine when Predator hit theaters on June 12, 1987. Back then, we didn’t have the Internet to tease us or give us spoilers about upcoming films. All we had were  “Coming Soon” posters, and the knowledge that Arnold Schwarzenegger… Read more →

It’s Time For NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to Step Down

by Shimbo As of the posting of this article, Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice is without a job. Bowing to public pressure in the wake of the release of additional footage of Rice knocking out his then-fiancee (now wife) Janay Palmer, the Ravens had no choice but to terminate his contract, going beyond the NFL-imposed two-game suspension which was… Read more →

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