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First ‘Justice League’ Trailer Looks ‘Batman v Superman’ Awful

  With the release of the first full Justice League trailer, audiences are reminded that Zack Snyder is making the same movie we already hated Beware what you ask for, because almost always, you end up getting it, and you immediately regret that decision. Such is the case with the new trailer for Justice League, a film that continues the… Read more →


First Look At Batfleck, Now With 100% Less Nipple!

For those of you interested in general geekery, here is the freshly-released image of lovable douchebag Ben Affleck in costume as Batman in the forthcoming Batman vs. Superman. Yesterday, director Zack Snyder teased fans with an image of what appeared to be the Batmobile half-covered under a tarp. Given that the internet is an ever-hungry machine of people starved for… Read more →

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