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‘Justice League’ is a Cinematic Abortion Not Worth Your Time

No need to candy coat it: Justice League is an awful movie that only saw light of day because bills need to be paid, and a sucker is born every minute. Before we get into why Justice League, a hastily collaborative effort from directors Zack Snyder and Joss Whedon (credited to Snyder, who left the production following the death of… Read more →


‘Wonder Woman’ Reignites Our Love of Superheroes

Despite some flaws, Wonder Woman soars in a way audiences haven’t seen in years, giving women and fans something to cheer loudly for. Superhero fans everywhere may remember the subtle, yet iconic scene in 1978’s Superman the Movie when Lois Lane, after falling from a crashed helicopter, is saved from certain death by the Man of Steel himself, and after being… Read more →

Episode 175: Going Mad with Michael Allred


Finally, we have a new episode of the Never Daunted Radio Network available for your listening pleasure, and I have to say, the interview with Michael Allred was one of my favorites. In the interview you’ll learn how Allred got his start in comics, who some of his influences were (a few might be surprising), and how some of the… Read more →

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