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NDRN’s Chloe Sommers Takes On Sexist Workplaces…and an Emcee

While speaking at Millennium Grow’s networking VIP Cannabis event in Denver, our Chloe Sommers offered observations on the tech industry and parallels in cannabis industry, when she was verbally attacked by the event’s emcee. We at the Never Daunted Radio Network don’t condone abuse or hate speech of any kind but feel it necessary to call out those who continue… Read more →


Chloe Sommers Takes Over NDRN as Sole Owner

Effective immediately, executive editor Chloe Sommers takes over full control of the Never Daunted Radio Network. Founder Hashim “Shimbo” Hathaway to retire. Well I suppose it had to happen at some point. After much thought, fasting and prayer, I have decided to turn over the keys to Executive Editor and founder of NDRN Green to Chloe Sommers. Under her direction,… Read more →


Episode 193: Fast Times at Metro Mall, or, “One of the Good Guys”


We are back and triumphant on a Welcome Back edition of the Never Daunted Radio Network! First up, when you think mall cop, you might think Paul Blart, but Darien Long is anything but. As a security professional at one of the most notorious malls in Atlanta, he faced a number of situations that were anything but comical. He decided… Read more →


Episode 192: Bye Bye Bowie, or “Putting Out Fire With Gasoline”


It’s a new year, and the Never Daunted Radio Network is rollin’ on a somber week, as we remember David Bowie and Alan Rickman while discussing why grieving for strangers isn’t the worst thing someone can do. First up, writer and podcast host Maura Quint stops in to talk about how David Bowie’s death, if only for the briefest of… Read more →

Chloe Sommers Joins the Never Daunted Radio Network In Leadership Role

When the Never Daunted Radio Network went live in 2013, the goal was to produce entertaining content in a 30-minute show. When NeverDaunted.Net went live in May 2014, that goal expanded to creating a presence on the web intended to marry written content with a better-produced show. In the time since we opened our doors, we’ve had solid contributions from… Read more →

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