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A Double Standard for Double D’s? Sara Willis Examines Kim Kardashian’s Latest Nude Shoot

by Sara Willis I don’t know if you’ve noticed but Kim Kardashian exists. And she has a large bum. And a fair sized pair of breasts. And she likes to remind everyone of these little facts on a regular basis. This week she did a nude photoshoot for Paper Magazine, which I’d never heard of until I saw the photos.… Read more →

Kim Kardashian Doesn’t ‘Break the Internet’, But She Knows How to Bend It (NSFW)

by Shimbo Kim Kardashian wants us to love her, or at the very least, she wants us to love looking at her. Whether it’s an innate desire to expose herself for all the world to see, or likely another chapter in her never-ending quest to capture and maintain our collective attention, Kim is once again baring all within the pages… Read more →

“I’m On Some Dumb Shit”: Nicki Minaj Destroys Hip Hop and Ass Appreciation Forever With ‘Anaconda’

by Shimbo I never thought I’d hate looking at big fat asses so much. Midnight Wednesday brought the video debut of Hip-Hop harpy Nicki Minaj’s latest single “Anaconda” from the album of the same name. Now normally, this isn’t necessarily something I’d cover, but after two weeks of hype, I was intrigued enough to see what that hype was all… Read more →

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