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Celebrating ‘Predator’ at 30: A Night to Remember and Forget

30 years ago today, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s classic action opus, Predator, premiered. Shimbo shares a tale about that fateful day I was nine when Predator hit theaters on June 12, 1987. Back then, we didn’t have the Internet to tease us or give us spoilers about upcoming films. All we had were  “Coming Soon” posters, and the knowledge that Arnold Schwarzenegger… Read more →


Fartzenegger: The Internet Finally Delivers On Its Promise

Back when Al Gore invented the Internet, he promised that it would be a wondrous place full of realized dreams that contained equal amounts of tits along with dick and fart jokes. And for a time, it was good. Everything one could ever want was made front and center for human consumption. This list pretty much consisted of porn and… Read more →

Blowing Your Dong Off With Hot Action: The Full Expendables 3 Trailer is Here!

I’m a big fucking hypocrite. As much as I frown on guns and shit going boom in real life, I can’t get nearly enough of it at the movies. As a fan of film, I’m absolutely willing to give up things like story and plot in exchange for corny one-liners and lots of people walking away from cool explosions. It’s… Read more →

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