Forget ‘Too Many Cooks’, Adult Swim Goes for the Throat With Latest Short

The latest short from Adult Swim ups the ante on their success with 'Too Many Cooks'

The latest short from Adult Swim ups the ante on their success with ‘Too Many Cooks’

by Shimbo

Someone at Adult Swim either really loves stoners, or they want to disturb them to the point of madness.

Coming in on the heels of the massive success of “Too Many Cooks“, the viral juggernaut that depicts a sitcom devolving into something warped, insane and infinitely entertaining, the latest short which premiered yesterday on Adult Swim starts off innocent enough, then veering quickly down a rabbit hole one can only see to believe.

Titled, “Unedited Footage of a Bear’, the short opens exactly that way with a background voices discussing a bear. Simple enough on the surface, but within the first couple of minutes of bear watching, we cut to a commercial for “Claridryl” some sort of allergy medicine that looks pretty much like every other one you’ve ever seen and soon, the magic happens:

By the time you get to the end of “Unedited Footage of a Bear”, you should be pretty well scarred emotionally.

The truth is, if you watched this stoned and didn’t know what you were watching, chances are, you could be fucked for life. As genius as these shorts seem to be, it’s hard not to look at them as a sort of smart bomb for stoners, fucking with their emotions while baked by playing a massive bait and switch that shows a woman living out a dark nightmare in the guise of a pill commercial.

And the short itself is just the top of the iceberg: if you click the link in the video above, which mirrors the “Skip Ad” sign you see on an average YouTube video, it takes you to a Claritin website where, if you click house enough times, it takes you to a horrifying “point and click” game.

Now I kinda wish I was stoned when I saw this.

At any rate, it’s hard not to love what Cartoon Network is doing with Adult Swim by producing increasingly subversive and entertaining material, it brings back memories of USA Network’s classic Night Flight from the 80’s.

One can only hope Adult Swim’s next offering, which they never advertise for beforehand, finds a way to go even darker and more demented.

Hashim R. Hathaway (Uncle Shimbo) is the host of the Never Daunted Radio Network, and proud father to NeverDaunted.Net. You can reach him on Twitter @NeverDauntedNet

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