Chloe Canna News Roundup: Lobby Days Edition and Exclusive Video

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: NORML Executive Director speaks with me right after the first congressman in 30 years admits to using cannabis, medically.

The month of May saw advocates and industry leaders in the cannabis space fly into Washington, D.C. as NORML and NCIA held their annual lobby days. NORML, the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws and NCIA, the National Cannabis Industry Association approached lawmakers with different asks, but the same message. LEGALIZE IT.

Embedded with the lobbyists, my stories over the past two weeks reflect the progress and setbacks from their efforts on the Hill.

  1. He Didn’t Inhale: First Sitting Lawmaker Admits to Illegally Using Marijuana Product for Pain
  2. Illegally Alive: Could Cannabis be the Dream Drug Republicans Need to Combat America’s Opiate Epidemic?
  3. Decriminalization is Not Enough for Cannabis Advocates at NORML Lobby Days
  4. NORML Lobby Days Kick-Off in Style with Allen St. Pierre Smoking a Golden Joint
  5. Cannabis Business Leaders Fly Into Washington, D.C. for Lobby Days

Chloe Sommers is the Executive Editor of the Never Daunted Radio Network. You can reach her on Twitter@ChloeCannaNews

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