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Jingle Boobs: Internet Sensation Returns to Tit-Twerk Some Holiday Cheer

by Shimbo ‘Twas a couple weeks before Christmas, and all through the Internet, not a creature was stirring, that is, except for the dancing breasts of Miss Sara X Mills, who decided to drop off an early present with her latest video, which has her merry boobs bouncing along to a rendition of “Jingle Bells”. If you’re unfamiliar with this… Read more →

Remembering the ‘Malice at the Palace’ and the Night the NBA Lost a Piece of its Soul.

by Shimbo It didn’t start with a shove or a fist. It started with a plastic cup of Diet Coke. *** Early this season, I found myself sitting at a Washington Wizards game here in DC. The tickets were fairly cheap on StubHub and I had a free evening to kill. The NBA these days admittedly doesn’t mean as much to… Read more →

From Champ to Convict to Cartoon: Witness the First Episode of ‘Mike Tyson Mysteries’

by Shimbo After watching the first 11-minute episode of Adult Swim’s latest magnum opus, Mike Tyson Mysteries, the first thought that came to mind was the notion that has this cartoon come out 20 years ago, Tyson would’ve likely killed everyone involved with it. Instead, Iron Mike himself is in on the joke, in a show that primarily exists to… Read more →

These Tits Were Made for Dancing: Model Bops Her Boobs to Mozart, Delighting Everyone

by Shimbo One of the reasons the Never Daunted Radio Network came into being was to serve as a celebration of the female breast. While that mission is an honest and righteous one, we’ve drifted away from it some, probably until a good reason to jump back on course came along. And by god, that reason has come. Meet Sara… Read more →

Cherry Pie and Black Coffee for Everyone: Twin Peaks Returns in 2016

by Shimbo Maybe it’s our obsession with nostalgia, or simply the never-ending love of a damn fine cup of coffee, but the Internet gave a collective shout for joy today with news that Twin Peaks, which aired on ABC from 1990-91 and spawning a critically reviled prequel, Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me is coming back courtesy of Showtime in… Read more →

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