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Back to the Grind: Final Fantasy Explorers

Consider this: after releasing the first six “primary” games in its beloved and genre-defining Final Fantasy series exclusively on Nintendo platforms, the company that would become Square Enix has not returned to a Nintendo system for its main numbered series.   From the classic Final Fantasy VII to the upcoming Final Fantasy XV, every main title has appeared on PlayStation… Read more →

Keeping the British End Up: ‘Kingsman’ Brings Fun Back to Spy Genre

by Shimbo It’s been 38 years since one of the greatest Bond films, 1977’s The Spy Who Loved Me, made its way into theaters and the hearts of Spy Movie fans everywhere. The Bond of today, as well as the Spy genre as a whole, is far more serious, brooding and well-removed from the swinging whimsy of the 60’s and… Read more →

Marvel in Name Only: ‘Fantastic Four’ Trailer Fails to Impress

by Shimbo For some time now, the upcoming reboot of Marvel Comics’ Fantastic Four has been an issue of great debate. From the mysterious storyline to the eclectic casting choices, which included Michael B. Jordan and Kate Mara as a now interracial brother/sister combo, something that your humble host wrote about at length in an article last year for Bleeding… Read more →

Forget ‘Too Many Cooks’, Adult Swim Goes for the Throat With Latest Short

by Shimbo Someone at Adult Swim either really loves stoners, or they want to disturb them to the point of madness. Coming in on the heels of the massive success of “Too Many Cooks“, the viral juggernaut that depicts a sitcom devolving into something warped, insane and infinitely entertaining, the latest short which premiered yesterday on Adult Swim starts off… Read more →

D’Angelo Leads Listeners to the Promised Land With “Black Messiah”

by Shimbo And just like that, 14 years of virtual silence ended in a cacophony of chaos; then the beat came and everything was exactly as hoped. So began “Ain’t That Easy”, the first cut from Black Messiah, the long, long awaited full-length album from R&B prodigy D’Angelo. Now the problem that instantly arises when waiting for new music from… Read more →

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