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‘Eddie the Eagle’ Soars With Feelgood Charm

Much like its namesake, Eddie the Eagle is wildly imperfect, but manages to win hearts despite more than a few flaws that threaten to derail the whole affair To be sure, Eddie the Eagle is a film we’ve seen before. You know the type: An underestimated kid with a good heart fights the odds to win respect from his peers, usually… Read more →


‘The Life of Pablo’: Kanye West’s Arrogant and Contemplative Masterpiece

The Life Of Pablo marks the beginning of a new era for Kanye West, one we can all be excited for, as he explores spirituality, fatherhood and true love. Much has changed in the life of Kanye West since the release of the bachelor party album that was “Yeezus”. Since becoming a husband, a father of two and one of… Read more →


‘Deadpool’: Juvenile and Loving It

Hilarious and unapologetically dumb, Deadpool is 100 minutes of superhero dick and fart jokes with a side of real heart When you have a marketing campaign as extensive as the one Fox mounted for Deadpool, there’s a general fear that the quality of the film might be a bit suspect. While the campaign was certainly meant to acclimate audiences to… Read more →

Back to the Grind: Final Fantasy Explorers

Consider this: after releasing the first six “primary” games in its beloved and genre-defining Final Fantasy series exclusively on Nintendo platforms, the company that would become Square Enix has not returned to a Nintendo system for its main numbered series.   From the classic Final Fantasy VII to the upcoming Final Fantasy XV, every main title has appeared on PlayStation… Read more →


‘The Hateful Eight’, an Exercise in Excess

Guest reviewer Chase Kimball had high hopes for Quentin Tarantino’s latest film. However, he found that there was much left to be desired when it comes to The Hateful Eight*.   by Chase Kimball To paraphrase Yeats slightly, I need to prove that I love Quentin Tarantino movies the way a hawk needs to prove that it’s no sparrow. I have… Read more →

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