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‘High-Rise’ Holds Up a Seductive Mirror To Our Lurid Desires

Guest reviewer Sabrina Cognata thinks High-Rise is a surreal wet dream of a film that exposes our desires towards depravity High-Rise is the tale of a perfectly designed building. One that accommodates the needs of more than 30 floors of tenants. It has a school, a grocery store, two swimming pools, a rooftop atrium, a gourmet restaurant and is quite possibly the… Read more →


‘Captain America: Civil War’ Is Good Not Great

At times sublime and other times frustrating, Captain America: Civil War is an imperfect film that still manages to soar above the competition Because of the polemic nature of reviews these days, let it be known upfront that Captain America: Civil War is a stunning, ambitious film well worth your time and money. Now that you know that this is a… Read more →


’10 Cloverfield Lane’ is Exactly the Film You Never Expected

  10 Cloverfield Lane trades shaky cam shenanigans for old school terror in a small film that presents an even larger threat than its predecessor Before we get started, 10 Cloverfield Lane is not a sequel to 2008’s Cloverfield. Having said that, the films clearly live in the same universe, and even though the first in this new anthology series… Read more →


‘Eddie the Eagle’ Soars With Feelgood Charm

Much like its namesake, Eddie the Eagle is wildly imperfect, but manages to win hearts despite more than a few flaws that threaten to derail the whole affair To be sure, Eddie the Eagle is a film we’ve seen before. You know the type: An underestimated kid with a good heart fights the odds to win respect from his peers, usually… Read more →


‘The Life of Pablo’: Kanye West’s Arrogant and Contemplative Masterpiece

The Life Of Pablo marks the beginning of a new era for Kanye West, one we can all be excited for, as he explores spirituality, fatherhood and true love. Much has changed in the life of Kanye West since the release of the bachelor party album that was “Yeezus”. Since becoming a husband, a father of two and one of… Read more →

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