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Champagne Facial

Episode 189: Champagne Facials & Feminist Screams, or, “Brooke Hogan’s Baloney Blues”


On a champagne-soaked edition of the Never Daunted Radio Network that has all the sex, guns, racism and paranoia you could want, we have an indepth conversation with writer Nicole Theodore, who had the pleasure of interviewing the Slut Whisperer himself, photographer Kirill. We’ll look at how Kirill’s following runs counter to feminism and how maybe both can still… Read more →

Episode 188: Return to Horsecock Mountain, or, “And Outrage For All”


    The Never Daunted Radio Network is back and hopefully better than ever after a long layoff. This all-new episode kicks off with the story of a man who flew cross country to screw a horse, only to end up getting screwed by the cops. Next, as Donald Trump seeks to offend every Mexican he can on his way… Read more →

Episode 187: Decorating With Dicks, or, “What’s In Your Porn Wallet?”


On this edition of the Never Daunted Radio Network, while women everywhere are tired of being bombarded with dick pics, one woman is turning the tables for a new art project. We talk to Sabrina Cognata about dick pic etiquette and her Dickoupage project as she welcomes in dick pics from all who wish to donate their proud penises in… Read more →

Episode 186: When Legends Become Fact, Deflate the Football, or, “American Pride”


On this edition of the Never Daunted Radio Network, we tackle two hot button topics hot off the press with the help of a couple of old friends. First, American Sniper, the story of the late Chris Kyle is a smash hit at the box office, but it’s also become a polarizing subject as controversy over comparisons to a fake… Read more →

Episode 185: Catching Up With Old Friends, or, “Mistresses and Mirth”


On the season premiere of the Never Daunted Radio Network, we catch up with friends of the show Sarah J. Symonds, whose new show “The Mistress” premieres this Wednesday on Discovery Life, and Ashley Byrd, who talks about life managing one of the oldest and most revered comedy clubs in the country. When we last talked to Sarah, she described… Read more →

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