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Episode 194: Fanboy Tears are the Best Tears, or, “Ass Stamp”


It’s Sex, Tasers and Fanboy Tears on a Sharpie edition of the Never Daunted Radio Network! First up, in the first of a two-part interview, Moviepilot Editor-at-Large Alisha Grauso joins us to chew the fat over some of the controversy surrounding the recent release of Batman v Superman and the backlash of fanboys who’re upset that critics didn’t like their… Read more →


Episode 193: Fast Times at Metro Mall, or, “One of the Good Guys”


We are back and triumphant on a Welcome Back edition of the Never Daunted Radio Network! First up, when you think mall cop, you might think Paul Blart, but Darien Long is anything but. As a security professional at one of the most notorious malls in Atlanta, he faced a number of situations that were anything but comical. He decided… Read more →


Episode 192: Bye Bye Bowie, or “Putting Out Fire With Gasoline”


It’s a new year, and the Never Daunted Radio Network is rollin’ on a somber week, as we remember David Bowie and Alan Rickman while discussing why grieving for strangers isn’t the worst thing someone can do. First up, writer and podcast host Maura Quint stops in to talk about how David Bowie’s death, if only for the briefest of… Read more →


Episode 191: It’s a Never Daunted Christmas, or, “Identity, Drugs & Die Hard”


  It’s never ho-ho-hum at the Never Daunted Radio Network as we return from yet another hiatus to present the first of two shows to close out the year in spectacular fashion. First, Shimbo speaks with Hayden Black and Julie Rei Goldstein, creator and star of the first animated project to feature a lead character who just so happens to… Read more →

the fat jewish

Episode 190: Harpooning the Fat Jew, or, “Primed for Publishing”


On a participation award edition of the Never Daunted Radio Network, Shimbo looks at the New York Times article on the Mosquito Coast known as Amazon Headquarters, and wonders whether or not running a white collar sweatshop is a bad idea. Shimbo also discusses James Harrison’s feelings towards participation trophies and why Harrison just might be doing the right thing… Read more →

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